Monday, 14 January 2013

Welcome back...sorry I'm late!

Just wanted to say 'welcome back' to you all and a belated Happy New Year...

Apologies for the late has been a very busy start to 2013 here at Downsview!

Busy, but good...

The children have come back to school refreshed and ready to go, as have the staff team - already I've seen some great learning and work. I'm really excited about 'what next?' for our school this year - we have lots of ideas and plans on how we can be even better in 2013.

I hope that you're ready to support us again this year? Watch this space for more soon!

A quick reminder...please check out our website for the latest news on snow and possible school closures. I'm hoping that the snow will stay away, but if it doesn't please log on to our homepage for the latest information.