Thursday, 29 September 2016

Saftey reminder - hometime collection...

I would like to remind all children, parents/carers and anyone who collects their child at home-time that we must all act safely when leaving the school grounds. This week, we had a 'near miss' when a pedestrian left the safety of the pavement and walked along the road. This is unsafe and must not happen please.

Drivers - please park with consideration - not only for the safety of our children but for the good of the local neighbourhood community. I received a phone call on Wednesday from a local resident complaining about parking -they weren't best pleased. The school is planning on getting 'give way' road markings at the end of the exit gate - cars must be driven slowly and with care.

If your child cycles to school, please ensure that they are cycling safely and showing respect for the road and pedestrians.

When crossing roads, please remind your child to 'stop, look and listen'...the green cross code is really important.

I would like home-time/collection to be smooth and safe. Thank you for helping us to achieve this.

Kind regards - Mr Edwards 

Term 1 Update

There has been some great learning already this term and I am delighted with the way that the children have settled back in to daily school life...

Over the past few weeks there has been lots going on -

Year 1 visited Joyden's Wood to begin their learning project called the 'Enchanted Forest'.

Year 2 have spent time with the firefighters of Swanley Fire Station as part of their project 'Street Detectives'.

Cruella Deville has already visited Year 3 (and threatened to their dogs!) as part of their introduction to 'Heroes and Villains'.

Year 4 have made Anglo-Saxon warships - even adding scary figure heads to frighten their enemies - as they have begun 'Traders and Raiders'.

Year 5 have discovered the delights uncovered by Howard Carter in Egypt all those years ago, studying The Ancient Egyptians this term.

The learning project for Year 6 children is 'ID'. The local police have been booked to come in and do finger-print analysis and forensics...all exciting stuff!

And last, but by no means least, our new Year R children have joined us....and made a fantastic start!

Thank you to everyone for the energy, enthusiasm and commitment to learning!

Friday, 9 September 2016

Welcome back! September 2016...

Where do I begin?

Perhaps I should open by saying 'welcome back' to Downsview Primary School - welcome to another academic year...September 2016 - July 2017!

That is the Downsview Primary School that "continues to be a good school" in the eyes of OfSTED!

Image result for ofsted 2016

Yes - that's right! Our inspection took place on Tuesday 12th July 2016 when Mr Robin Hammerton (HMI - Her Majesty's Inspector) visited us for the day.  After a lengthy wait (due to the summer break), we received the final outcome letter from OfSTED this week and are both delighted and very proud of its contents...we are a "continually improving school" that "does a great job for its pupils."

I felt extremely proud of the whole learning community when reading through the final letter as I truly feel that it captures and reflects the ethos and essence of our school.  We, and when I say 'we', I mean everyone (children, staff, parents and Governors) involved within our school have worked hard to maintain standards and drive learning and progress whilst also ensuring an engaging and varied curriculum. And I'm thrilled that this balance has been recognised. We do strive to make learning fun and give our youngsters memorable experiences but we also do have ambition, aspiration and drive. I am one very happy Headteacher!

To read the full report please visit our school website,, go click on the quick link to OfSTED.

In the meantime, we have started the new academic year positively and the children have settled quickly. Whilst we are still buzzing from the feedback received by OfSTED, we haven't forgotten our core purpose and will be continuing to work hard to further improve this year. Watch this space...