Friday, 24 May 2013

Bird Man Excitment!

Today(Friday) Allan Ames came to our school but not alone...

He also brought along some birds of prey from Eagle Heights to tell us a little bit about them! He had 4 birds in total; Mexican hawk(Cybil), peregrine flacon (Billy Bob), bald eagle(Alaska) and a barn owl(Magic).
Billy Bob


Maisie and Ellener



Friday, 17 May 2013

Year 6 SATs!

This week, Year 6 had their SATs to do. Most of the tests were pretty difficult but they managed to get through it. One student said,

''When I first started them, it was petrifying but as I grew used to them they became more bearable.''

Another said,

''At the beginning I was very scared, however at the end I thought is was great''

Hopefully,the year 6 get a great score!