Sunday, 31 January 2016

Year 1 Superheroes!

A few weeks ago, Year 1 participated in a 'Superhero Day' was a great chance to bring the topic alive and make learning memorable. The costumes and outfits were incredible! Take a look for yourself...
Can you name all of the 'Superhero' characters in this picture? Downsview is a safe place with all these heroes around!

The children took part in a Superhero treasure hunt and needed to use their English and Mathematic skills to solve the trail.

As part of their learning, Birch Class were challenged to make models of superheroes at home. Below are some of the responses...
Superheroes of all shapes and sizes made from different materials and media.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

EYFS learning fun...

'On The Farm' is the title of the topic for our youngest children in Apple Class this term.

The children are finding out all about food from the UK as well as other parts of the world. They experienced the Italian speciality of pizza recently whilst on a school outing. Brilliant!

Exploring different dairy products...

What is it? Cheese? It's all gooey!

A taste of Italy...delicious!

'Mighty Metals' in Year 3!

What a stunning start to the 'Mighty Metals' topic for our Year 3 children!
Elm Class had a wonderful time exploring forces through play on the playground equipment. 
The children were able to explain the forces push, pull, gravity and friction - very impressive! This science based topic will involve plenty of investigative work and really get the children thinking...
Gravity at work....down we go!

What forces are acting on these children?

Exploring forces on the trim trail...


Year 4 Writing...

The Year 4 topic this term is 'Playlist' and it is based on music and sounds to stimulate thinking. The children will investigate the question 'what is sound?' and explore how it is created, how it travels and how it can be altered.

In English, Fir Class have been describing action, creating tension, intrigued and suspense. Listen to this great piece of writing...a dramatic extract...what will happen next?

Year 5 'Scream Machine!'

During Term 3, Year 5 pupils are studying a topic called 'Scream Machine!'. It is based on the fast and exciting world of rollercoasters. Holly Class have already created a database (using Excel) to record some amazing facts and statistics...the fastest, the tallest, the largest vertical drop, the longest track length and the ride duration all feature. Wow!

In the photos below, Year 5 are working with 'Lego Mindstorm'. Before they could begin programming, the children needed to build the robots...

Carefully reading and interpreting the instructions...

It's tricky! Be sure to check your understanding...

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Year 2 'Land Ahoy!'

'Land Ahoy' is the title of the current Year 2 topic and exciting it is me' hearties! Pirates, sea adventures and mapping skills are all included. In the photos below, the children are exploring floating and streamlining...
We know boats float, but why and how?

Does the shape of the boat make a difference to how it floats?

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Year 6 Bloodheart

Our Year 6 children are currently studying a topic called 'Bloodheart'. It is a science based learning project all about the human circulatory system. Absolutely fascinating! To help them understand the heart in more detail, they went 'hands on'...literally...take a look!
Exploring a lamb's heart...carefully does it!

Everybody engaged...collaborative, practical learning.

Dissecting the heart...I told you it was hands on!

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Welcome to Term 3...January 2016!

A very belated Happy New Year to you! Apologies for the delay in posting a blog...Term 3 has commenced very positively but has already been very busy.

Below is an overview of the topics being studied in each year group this term. We began using the 'Cornerstones Curriculum' in September 2015 and the impact has been excellent! Not only are we able to provide a broad and balanced curriculum, but also a highly engaging and exciting curriculum.

In Year R, the children are studying a topic called 'On the Farm'.
In Year 1, 'Superheroes' is the theme for the term.
'Land Ahoy' is the title of the Year 2 topic - it is all about pirates and adventures on the sea!

The Year 3 topic for the term is 'Mighty Metals' - a science based project but with a quality text for English too (The Iron Man by Ted Hughes).
'Playlist' is the title of the Year 4 topic - using music as a stimulus for learning.
In Year 5, the pupils are studying 'Scream Machine' - a project based on and thrilling!
Our Year 6 pupils are studying the human circulatory system in a topic called 'Bloodheart'.

Each project begins with the 'engage' phase of learning...with a 'stunning starter' being planned by each teacher. Photos of these starters will be added tomorrow...