Sunday, 17 January 2016

Welcome to Term 3...January 2016!

A very belated Happy New Year to you! Apologies for the delay in posting a blog...Term 3 has commenced very positively but has already been very busy.

Below is an overview of the topics being studied in each year group this term. We began using the 'Cornerstones Curriculum' in September 2015 and the impact has been excellent! Not only are we able to provide a broad and balanced curriculum, but also a highly engaging and exciting curriculum.

In Year R, the children are studying a topic called 'On the Farm'.
In Year 1, 'Superheroes' is the theme for the term.
'Land Ahoy' is the title of the Year 2 topic - it is all about pirates and adventures on the sea!

The Year 3 topic for the term is 'Mighty Metals' - a science based project but with a quality text for English too (The Iron Man by Ted Hughes).
'Playlist' is the title of the Year 4 topic - using music as a stimulus for learning.
In Year 5, the pupils are studying 'Scream Machine' - a project based on and thrilling!
Our Year 6 pupils are studying the human circulatory system in a topic called 'Bloodheart'.

Each project begins with the 'engage' phase of learning...with a 'stunning starter' being planned by each teacher. Photos of these starters will be added tomorrow...