Monday, 20 February 2017

Term 4 here we come!

Term 4 (February 2017)

After a lengthy delay (apologies - Term 3 was a really busy one!), I am keen to update you all...

Term 4 has started well. In assembly today, we watched a very moving video demonstrating the power of perseverance - our Downsview Value this term.

In the video, we watched Derek Redmond complete his 400m race in the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games...despite rupturing his hamstring after just 150m. The video showed Derek's absolute determination to get to the finish - at no point did he give up! Helped by this father, Derek hobbled across the line to the standing ovation of 65,000 spectators in the stadium. Although his Olympic hopes were shattered, he was not prepared to give up....he was going to finish the race - and did so!

Perseverance is crucial to success and achievement. This term we want to see every child show this quality - in persevering and being determined to succeed, anyone can achieve anything!

Below are the Learning Projects (also known as 'topics') for this term:

Year 6
Bloodheart (Science based learning project all about the circulatory system)
Year 5
Scream (Science based learning project all about forces - using rollercoasters as a main theme)
Year 4
Burps, Bottoms & Bile! (Sounds disgusting but very interesting. Again, a science based learning project all about the human digestive system)
Year 3
Gods & Mortals (Historical based learning project - Zeus is the first God to be studied!)
Year 2
Towers, Tunnels & Bridges (Science, DT and history are all involved in this exciting learning project)
Year 1
Moon Zoom (Science based learning project focussing on the solar system and planets)
Year R
Children in EYFS will be exploring and finding out all they can to answer this question..."Why don't snakes have legs?" They'll be learning about reptiles and using their senses for sure!

Another busy term ahead - I'm looking forward to it already!