Friday, 16 October 2015

Friday 16th October 2015: Weekly Review of Learning

Recently, Year 2 visited Swanley Fire Station. As you can see from just a few of the photos, it was an action packed experience. More photos are available in the 'gallery' section of our website.
Putting the fire out...

We explored the fire engine...
Friday 16th October: Weekly Review of Learning
Our Year 6 pupils solved a cyber-bullying crime (set up by Swanley Police) using forensic analysis and fingerprinting technology this week. Not only was it highly engaging and interesting, it was also packed with great science and important e-safety reminders.

PC Kemsley and PC Garfield joined Oak Class on Wednesday lunchtime to discover a crime scene that required investigating...
Oh no! What's happened?
It needed careful attention and detail...
CSI (Crime Scene Investigator) fingerprinting...
Police presence was required and the crime was successfully solved!
After their success, the pupils explored a patrol vehicle (and found out how to operate the 'blues and two's!'. An excellent afternoon of learning.
Exploring the police car - lights and sirens blaring!

Harvest Festival

On Thursday 15th October, we celebrated our Harvest Festival. To make it special, we asked everyone to bring in either a tin or packet of food that could be shared with those less fortunate or in greater need than us. Thank you to everyone who donated a gift...our display looked fabulous!
Our wonderful harvest collection - thank you for your generosity.
Mrs Shah led our assembly and focused the theme on 'Harvest Around the World'. Lots of countries celebrate the harvest and do so in many different ways. It was great to see the children thinking about other cultures and discussing why the harvest is important to everyone throughout the world.

We finished assembly with a beautiful harvest song, led by Mr Harris. Our children sing incredibly well and it is lovely to hear their voices in unison.

Thank you again for your generosity and making our Harvest Festival really special. All of the food donations will be shared with senior citizens in the local community via Age Concern. As last year, we are also sharing our gifts with 16+ youngsters who have recently left care or in need.