Thursday, 25 July 2013

Summer holidays are here...

I would like to wish all of our children, parents/carers and other stakeholders and members of the local community (and online community) a very happy summer break.

Downsview has had another successful year - improving on our 'best ever' SATs results of last year is just one of our many pleasing outcomes...

The self confidence in lots of our children has grown and we really are seeing engaged and happy learners who are keen to achieve success and make progress.

Have a relaxing break and 'recharge the batteries' year is going to be another positive but busy one. Good teaching and learning takes energy, so do rest and enjoy the holidays.

Please don't let brains go to goo though! Make sure that you do some reading, play some puzzle games and write at every opportunity.

Thank you to all those involved in supporting the children and school - teamwork is so effective and greatly appreciated!

See you in September!
                                                            Mr Edwards :)

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Year 6 'Go Ape' at Leeds Castle!

On Monday 22nd July (sorry for the delay in blogging, but it has been a rather busy end of year!) our Year 6 leavers spent the day at Leeds Castle enjoying the thrills and challenge of 'Go Ape'.

 It was a brilliant day out and everyone had a fabulous time...although nervous at first, the children soon grew in confidence and were climbing trees, swinging from tree to tree, speeding down zip wires (the longest one being 250m long!) and generally having a blast!
Climbing the cargo net, having swung from a tree!
The trees were pretty tall, but 'harnessed in' safely and climbing rope ladders the views were amazing (unless heights were an issue for you!).

A long way up, but happy and thumbs up!
Some of the landings were perfect...
...whilst others were rather fast and crazy!
Landing wasn't as easy as it might look!
It took bravery, nerve, confidence and teamwork to successfully complete the whole course...and we ceratinly did! To celebrate, we had a lovely picnic including some delicious cake!

More than a mouthful!

Sharing a well deserved treat!

Mmmmmm....tasty! (It was supposed to go in your mouth!)
Year 6 would like to thank...
The PTA - for organising their Leavers' trip, contributing to the cost and providing food.
The Governors - for the tasty treats!
Downsview Staff - who accompanied the trip (and got fully involved up in the trees)
Parents - for signing the permission slip!

Friday, 19 July 2013

'Your Move' visit us...with a cheque!

Following our successful Summer Fair, the 'Your Move' Swanley team came to visit us today...and brought with them a cheque for £450!

 In the photo below,Steve, Richard and Venetta are presenting us with the 'big' cheque. Children, representing all classes throughout the school, are smiling happily because they will be ones who benefit from all the fund-raising.
All of the children will enjoy the purchases we make using the PTA money...we have lots of ideas on how to spend it!

Again, a huge thank you to the PTA Team for all their hard work this year - and to everyone in the local community for supporting us!

Thursday, 18 July 2013

How 'cool' are Apple Class?

The children in Apple Class having been keeping cool this week...just take a look!

The smiles on their faces say it all! Great thinking, Year R!
Year 3 visit Hall Place and meet 'The Tudors'!

On Monday 15th July, Year 3 travelled to Hall Place...

Once there, the children enjoyed a packed day of learning...meeting two Tudor characters who helped bring their history topic alive!
It was a great day out...very educational and a lot of fun!
Well done to all the children for their enthusiasm and interest...I thought they all looked fantatsic in Tudor costume (but I was told that they weren't very comfortable and preferred being a modern day person!).

Monday, 15 July 2013

Hextable Athletics!

Hextable Athletics  
On Wednesday 10th July, eight year 5s and eight year 6s went to Hextable to compete in the Primary District Athletics which included; rounder's ball throw, high jump, long jump, relays, javelin, sprints and shot put. Some of our team got some medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Altogether, there were 9 schools and we came in 5th place!
For more info about our school go to:


Friday, 12 July 2013

After our first rehearsal, it was time for a snack and drink...squash and cake!

Then it was back to the theatre for more rehearsals! The children played another four pieces of music that they will be playing tonight. It sounded great! Flutes and clarinets in time and in harmony...

And then, lunch! Mmmmm....

Following lunch (and a run around - playing 'it' on the grass!), it was time for a swim and then a 'percussion' workshop.

Not long now until 'show time'. We're looking forward to seeing all those parents who are joining us at 7:00p.m for the performance. Enjoy!

Focus and concentration

Reading the music carefully...

Timing and teamwork...
The children are hard at work! In the above photos they are playing 'Greensleeves' of the many pieces they have learnt. 

I'm currently sitting in the auditorium watching as approximately one hundred children from five local schools work together to polish their performance. Achievement and talent in abundance!

Rehearsals have begun here at Benenden School in preparation for the children's concert at 7:00p.m. tonight...

We left Swanley by coach at 8:00a.m this morning and after an hour and twenty minutes, we arrived at the impressive entrance and drive-way of Benenden School. After a quick toilet break, the eight Year 4 children playing in the orchestra were called to the stage to begin their work...

They have made a very positive start to the day - I'm amazed by the progress they have all made in short time that they have been learning the clarinet...just brilliant!

I'm hoping to take some photos and upload to the blog this space! Mr Edwards :)

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Bach To The Future!

On Monday 8th July, we had a unusually interesting assembly... 

Instead of Mr Edwards, three visitors from Kent Music School performed their road show, 'Bach to the Future'! 
We were impressed with the variety of instruments they showed us and played. They played several movie theme tunes including Indiana Jones and Ghostbusters! 

They inspired many of us to learn to play a new instrument. Some of our Year 4 children will continue the music theme on Friday as they travel to Benenden School for their Kent Music Experience. Please check out our blog on Friday for more...