Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Year 6 'Go Ape' at Leeds Castle!

On Monday 22nd July (sorry for the delay in blogging, but it has been a rather busy end of year!) our Year 6 leavers spent the day at Leeds Castle enjoying the thrills and challenge of 'Go Ape'.

 It was a brilliant day out and everyone had a fabulous time...although nervous at first, the children soon grew in confidence and were climbing trees, swinging from tree to tree, speeding down zip wires (the longest one being 250m long!) and generally having a blast!
Climbing the cargo net, having swung from a tree!
The trees were pretty tall, but 'harnessed in' safely and climbing rope ladders the views were amazing (unless heights were an issue for you!).

A long way up, but happy and thumbs up!
Some of the landings were perfect...
...whilst others were rather fast and crazy!
Landing wasn't as easy as it might look!
It took bravery, nerve, confidence and teamwork to successfully complete the whole course...and we ceratinly did! To celebrate, we had a lovely picnic including some delicious cake!

More than a mouthful!

Sharing a well deserved treat!

Mmmmmm....tasty! (It was supposed to go in your mouth!)
Year 6 would like to thank...
The PTA - for organising their Leavers' trip, contributing to the cost and providing food.
The Governors - for the tasty treats!
Downsview Staff - who accompanied the trip (and got fully involved up in the trees)
Parents - for signing the permission slip!