Thursday, 25 July 2013

Summer holidays are here...

I would like to wish all of our children, parents/carers and other stakeholders and members of the local community (and online community) a very happy summer break.

Downsview has had another successful year - improving on our 'best ever' SATs results of last year is just one of our many pleasing outcomes...

The self confidence in lots of our children has grown and we really are seeing engaged and happy learners who are keen to achieve success and make progress.

Have a relaxing break and 'recharge the batteries' year is going to be another positive but busy one. Good teaching and learning takes energy, so do rest and enjoy the holidays.

Please don't let brains go to goo though! Make sure that you do some reading, play some puzzle games and write at every opportunity.

Thank you to all those involved in supporting the children and school - teamwork is so effective and greatly appreciated!

See you in September!
                                                            Mr Edwards :)