Thursday, 29 September 2016

Saftey reminder - hometime collection...

I would like to remind all children, parents/carers and anyone who collects their child at home-time that we must all act safely when leaving the school grounds. This week, we had a 'near miss' when a pedestrian left the safety of the pavement and walked along the road. This is unsafe and must not happen please.

Drivers - please park with consideration - not only for the safety of our children but for the good of the local neighbourhood community. I received a phone call on Wednesday from a local resident complaining about parking -they weren't best pleased. The school is planning on getting 'give way' road markings at the end of the exit gate - cars must be driven slowly and with care.

If your child cycles to school, please ensure that they are cycling safely and showing respect for the road and pedestrians.

When crossing roads, please remind your child to 'stop, look and listen'...the green cross code is really important.

I would like home-time/collection to be smooth and safe. Thank you for helping us to achieve this.

Kind regards - Mr Edwards