Friday, 28 February 2014

KS one blog

Birch class have been colouring monsters and dinosaurs, designing monsters, and writing poems about monsters. They have been rhyming and adding and subtracting. They have been writing the alphabet on the laptops and making different coloured monsters. They are learning about castles this is what they learnt:  there are swans in the moat, Castles have towers, Kings and Queens live in them and castles are bigger than a house. 

Keely and Josephine

They have been learning taking away and sums and they got a new game.hey were riding bikes and scooters.

Finley and  Amadu

Cherry Class have started their topic of The Seychelles. They looked at photos and maps to see what it is like there. Also, they have been writing character descriptions of the animals from the film Madagascar.