Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Term 3 - January 2017!

A belated happy new year to you all...

I hope that you had a great Christmas and enjoyed the festivities! Firstly, the answers to the Xmas Jumper Challenge - 1. Jumper worn by Mrs Willetts, 2. Jumper worn by Mrs Wood, 3. Jumper worn by Mrs Cooper, 4. Jumper worn by Mrs Elwood and 5. Jumper worn by Miss Page. How many did you guess correctly?

Term 3 has started positively and already lots of hard work, quality learning and progress has been evident. Long may this continue...

Just for an update, each class take a learning project (otherwise known as a topic) every term and this is used to link learning, concepts and ideas. Our brains work in this way and make connections between using an overarching topic or project, the children are more likely to remember key ideas and learning. "Do you remember when we dressed up as pirates and visited the Maritime Museum?" and other questions can then help children to draw on prior knowledge and learning and build further skills.

So, in Term 3...

EYFS (Apple Class) are taking the question, "Are we nearly there yet?" as their learning theme. The children will be exploring different transport, ways of travelling and special journeys.

Year 1 (Birch Class) are using 'Superheroes' as their learning project. Already we've seen the children dress up as superheroes, and write superhero stories...

Year 2 (Cherry Class) become pirates this term as they study the topic, 'Land Ahoy!'. This is both a historical and geographical based learning project which is great fun!

Year 3 (Elm Class) are going back in time to study 'Stone Age to Iron Age'. I read some amazing non-chronological report writing today telling me all about life in the Stone Age (I'm not sure that I'd have survived for very long!).

Year 4 (Fir Class) are using 'Potions!' as their learning project. Starting with Alice in Wonderland in English, Year 4 will be exploring this mainly scientific based theme.

Year 5 (Holly Class) are heading to 'Alchemy Island'. This fantasy based learning project should stimulate some great creative writing. When I walked around the school on Monday, Year 5 were taking photos of potential 'portals' within the building that could transport us to another world.

Our eldest children, Year 6 (Oak Class) are continuing 'WWII: A Child's Story'. As it is such a large learning project, the children will be deepening their knowledge and understanding of life in the 1940's.

A new year....a new challenge and a positive outlook! :)