Monday, 27 March 2017

Year 3 & 4 High Quality Writing Workshop

On Friday 24th March, eight of our Year 3 & Year 4 children travelled to Horton Kirby Primary School for a day of high quality writing.

Upon arrival, the children were met by Neal Zetter - one of the UK's leading performance poets. Neal has run many workshops for talented writers over the years and really helped to engage and inspire the writers of the future.

The focus was poetry and the children were asked to consider their language and vocabulary carefully for best impact.
Year 3 pupils ready to get writing...signed books were available too!
Neal performed some of his poetry with the children to share the power and effectiveness of rhythm within a poem.

It was a great day of writing with some impressive results on show. Mr Pring managed to capture some of the writing for us...

These three poems have been written as a Kennings...when an object is described using two word phrases.
Well done and congratulations to everyone who attended the workshop. I hope that they have learnt some useful tips and tricks of the trade from a fantastic author!