Monday, 16 September 2013

Hi! Ellener and Courtney here... we just wanted to say a quick 'hello' to you all! This is our first blog together and want to make it a good one...

Year 6 Pioneers Project 2013

The Pioneers Project is a fun active day every week ( on a Thursday). Year 6 take part in the project. It is our second week joining the project. Nick and Sarah lead the learning tasks, but sadly Nick couldn't make it this week due to be called out to the army! We still had fun this week though with Sarah and Trigger (also known as) Duncan.

This week we've been reading and orientating maps. We'll need these skills because we're going to the Ashdown Forest in the last week, before Christmas. In the afternoon we were given a map of the school grounds and were given a number from 1 to 10. We had to find the number, using the map to help, and then answer the questions provided. 

Last week, our first session, we were split into two teams of 9 per group. The two teams were Hillary and Mallery (two famous explorers). In the afternoon we went outside and learnt to put up a tent and to get across an area without touching the floor. It was all about teamwork. We had so much fun...cant wait till next week!