Friday, 18 October 2013

Welcome to our first key stage 2 blog. 

We will be updating this blog every Friday so keep checking in to find out what we have been up to!

Year 6

We enjoyed Thursday when were young pioneers and we learnt navigating skills and played capture the flag we made Greek plates and pots from day using original design. We have been making props for our learning assembly,great fun,wait until Wednesday to find out what we made.We enjoyed playing a new version of bench ball with Mr House in games.

Year 5 

Have had great fun making dream catches a big thank you to Mrs Francis for helping. Mrs Cooper, Hanna and Tomoki's mum has been our resident origami  expert, helping craft club make pumpkins, bookmarks and hats.Thank you Mrs Cooper.  

Year 4

In history work we are studying Anglo-Saxons.This week we have enjoyed finding out about the magical treasures found at Sutton Hoo. We have also been learning different subtracting methods in maths.It was difficult  but we got it in the end.We have been practicing handwriting and it is improving! P.E. lessons have been fantastic fun and our performance is getting better. 

Year 3

We have really enjoyed making patterned poems about cats. We had to write two line poems with the same number of syllables in each line. It was tricky!