Saturday, 25 October 2014

#ICT2inspire with Tim Rylands & Sarah Neild

Everyone at Downsview Primary School was extremely proud and excited to welcome Tim Rylands  & Sarah Neild recently for a two day exploration of inspirational ICT and technology. 

Arriving on 23rd October 2014, Tim worked with children and staff alike in some 'myst'erious writing workshops. Following these, Tim and Sarah then led a day of staff development training and shared many fantastic online resources and tools that could be used to enhance learning and truly engage our children.

"Mr Rylands made learning fun and exciting!"

"I just had to write my ideas down."

"Writing is fun!"

Engaged children - keen to share ideas!

Mr Rylands in action…involving children in their learning.

"Mr Rylands was really funny!"

Tim's work is mainly focused around writing and how to become a better writer, but he goes way beyond just writing. Tim is about developing children's thinking and imagination…he is passionate about developing children's curiosity…he is about engaging children in their learning and inspiring them to be the best that they can be. To help him do this, he mixes brilliant teaching with a computer gaming programme.

The two day event, funded through The Swanley Collaboration, was a huge success and I'm very proud of our school for organising and hosting it. Our next step is to use some of the incredible technology and online resources available to further our children's enjoyment of learning and success.