Saturday, 25 October 2014

#ICT2inspire…what our children thought!

Inspired to write...
After their writing workshops with Mr Rylands, I asked the children for their feedback. These are some of the comments received…they are all genuine quotes from the children and I'm both delighted and proud of them all!

"What an amazing experience! It was such good fun. We learnt to just throw out our ideas and go for it!" Kaitlin & Sinead

"I've never done that much writing before." Alexus

"We have learnt that cliffhangers hold the readers attention and makes them want to read on…" Isha, Shoniwa & India

"We went on an adventure and it was great!" David

"We've learnt to recognise and use effective similes and metaphors." Harry & Clarease

"I loved it when we found out where the squeaky voice was coming from"    Tristan

"I enjoyed the part where we spoke poshly...and then, like pirates!" Connor

"Mr Rylands gave me the encouragement and confidence to write more." Keira

"We've learnt to use commas correctly." Aliyyah & Lewis B

"Mr Rylands is a man of laughter!" Jack & Sophie

"Our imaginations are explorable!" Alfie & Daniel

"Interesting vocabulary creates better writing." Oliver & Hanna

"Thanks to Mr Rylands modelling, I can now use punctuation better." Lewis F

"The ideas just crawled into my head and out on to the page!" Kaitlin

"What a humorous and entertaining lesson." Dilip

"We learnt how to open and finish sentences in different ways. It makes your writing more interesting." Marshal & Elisa

"I am going to re-phrase my wording to create better sentences. I'm going to translate my writing by using different words that mean the same." Ben

"It was a brilliant learning experience!" Emily P, Izzy & Charlie

Thanks for an 'awesome' day!