Friday, 12 December 2014

Key Stage 2 Blog - only one more week until the end of term!

Year 3

This week we have been making, decorating and evaluating our photo frames. Don't scroll down any further if you have a child in year 3 or you will spoil your Christmas surprise! We have also been practising and improving our singing for the Christmas play next week. A very exciting week and more to look forward to.

Year 4

Year 4 have been making 
peppermint creams. This is how we made them. First, we tipped icing sugar in a bowl. Second, we added water and peppermint extract and mixed them together. Finally, we put chocolate on the top. They were yummy!

Year 5

We are going fraction crazy. We have made equivalent fractions, found fractions of quantities and are adding and subtracting fractions.

Year 6

We have been looking at poetry in English and writing our own poetry. In Mathematics we have been working out percentages based on the twelve days of Christmas.