Thursday, 11 December 2014

  Pantomime Time!   


On Friday 5th December, the whole school visited the Churchill Theatre, situated in   enchanted Bromley. A land full of castles, fairies, witches, forest and a spinning wheel! The evil Carabosse had cast a spell on the beautiful Princess, and she was doomed to sleep for a hundred years. Only a kiss from her true love could break the spell. We all went along to help the Prince to enter the hidden and cursed castle and rescue the Princess.

Two children went on stage!

This is what we thought of our experience..........

"The pantomime was the highlight of my time at Downsview!"
"I loved it! It was the highlight of the year. There is only one word to describe it, amazing!"

"I liked the fire part because it was so scary."

"The pantomime was exciting and funny. I really enjoyed the ice cream and loved watching."

"We walked to the station and sang 'Are we nearly there yet' from the Xmas play!"

"I loved it when the toys came alive!"

The witch was scary because she was green!"

"There was a fantastic ending! Silly Billy was very funny but my favourite person was the princess. The prince was Rob from Coronation Street."

"I liked the songs and the witch!"

Thanks to all the parents, governors and teachers who helped make this possible.

What a fantastic day!