Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Downsview 'Enhanced' Healthy School Award

After lots of good work, I am delighted to inform you that we received our 'Enhanced' Healthy School Award this week.

The 'Enhanced' Healthy Schools Award!

We actually achieved the standards for the award back in November 2015 but it wasn't until this week that Patience (from Kent Community Health) could visit and present us with the award!

Mrs Willetts has played a huge part in the success of this award and I would like to thank her for all of her dedication and hard work. I would also like to thank all of the parents who have helped us to improve the 'healthiness' of packed lunch boxes. Last year, we reduced the amount of 'treats' in lunch boxes hugely!

The children have also contributed hugely to our achievement. They have participated in lessons about healthy living, eating a balanced diet, doing exercise and making decisions that will keep them safe and happy.

Our School Council receiving the award.
Our School Council received the award on behalf of the school - we gave ourselves a big clap at the same time!

We are now keen to continue our good work and maintain this level of success. Being healthy in body and mind is really important to us!