Friday, 26 February 2016

Term 4 begins well...

Term 4 has started very positively and already I have seen some good quality work produced this week. Pupils have been 'engaged' in their new learning project for the term with teachers planning creative and adventurous learning in order to 'hook' their children into their learning for the term ahead.

Each year group have a different themed topic - please see below for details:

The topic for our EYFS (Year R) children is based on the question, "Why don't snakes have legs?"
They are being visited by some friendly reptiles next week...look out for a new blog soon!

Year 1 (Birch Class) are studying a topic called 'Moon Zoom'. They have already investigated an alien crash landing site...and will be travelling the solar system later in the term no doubt.

Year 2 (Cherry Class) are focusing their learning on a topic called 'Towers, Tunnels and Turrets'. I know that Rapunzel has already featured this week in their English work!

Elm Class (Year 3) are studying a topic called 'Gods & Mortals'. This week alone they have researched facts about Zeus and written a report about him.

The learning in Year 4 (Fir Class) is based on a topic called 'Potions'. They have become advertising executives this week and been persuading others to buy their potion (which is better than any other).

There will be lots of outdoor learning in Year 5 (Holly Class) this term as their topic is called 'Allotments. Already, the children have been in the school garden measuring up various areas for further development.

Our eldest pupils in Year 6 (Oak Class) have had a great start to their new topic called 'Frozen Kingdom' researching the RMS Titanic tragedy.

Look out for photos and examples of work very soon...