Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Year 6 Forensic Cyber Crime Scene

Year 6 had planned to participate in a police crime scene investigation in Term 1, linking with their learning project called ID. However, there was a last minute cancellation by Swanley Police and so the event needed to be rescheduled. Hence, Year 6 have just this week become forensic scientists and crime scene specialists working with two police local officers. It was highly engaging and very informative!

The children discussed online safety and acted out a cyber crime. They were then tasked to investigate digital fingerprints, as well as their own, using special police inks. A great afternoon of learning. For a glimpse of the action, please see the photos below...

Solving the crime - with a smile!

Whose fingerprint is this? Does it match?

Fingerprinting and investigating the evidence...look closely for the forensic suit in the background!

Recording the evidence...