Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Winter weather - coat reminder!

Dear Downsview Parent,
Winter is on the way....the temperature has plummeted this morning and it is very cold!
Please, please ensure that your child is appropriately clothed in the cold weather. Every child should be wearing a warm coat (possibly with gloves, hat and scarf!).
Even though the weather is cold, we still try to get the children out at playtimes and lunchtimes as it is important for them to get some fresh air and exercise. Therefore, a warm coat is definitely required.
I will be asking all staff to ensure that coats are worn during outdoor playtimes - children will be asked to return to class and get their coat if they are not wearing it as they head towards the playground.
Thank you for your support with this.
Kind regards - Mr Edwards
PS - In the winter months, children are also encouraged to bring in a plain coloured track suit for outdoor PE lessons. If we can head outdoors for PE, we will, but children do need to be prepared for this - a warm plain coloured track suit is ideal. Thank you!