Thursday, 8 December 2016

Growth Mindset Workshop for Year 5 & 6

Last week, Tim Hall visited the school and spent the day working with Year 5 & 6 children to develop their 'growth mindset'. They took part in a range of activities including juggling, learning a brilliant pen trick (using slight of hand!) and building full size teepees!

Throughout the day, Tim talked to the children about their dreams and aspirations....they discussed what skills the children would need to make these dreams come true. It was an inspirational day that I hope has helped the children to further develop their resilience and help them to believe that anything is possible if they go for it and give it 100%!

Thank you to Tim for supporting our children to believe in themselves and to staff at school for participating so willingly and getting stuck in too!

For more information about the work Tim does, please feel free to visit his website: